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M-368a Snail Watch M-188 Snow Buddies M-351x Snow Bunnies
M-337b Snowbound Boy M-337a Snowbound Girl A-25 Snowboy
A-24 Snowgirl A-23 Snowmom M-084 Snowmouse & Friend
M-543 Snowmouse...Sandy M-498 Snuggled in for Christmas M-635 Soda Sippers
M-448a Some Bunny to Love M-386 Somebody Loves Me M-215 Something's Brewing
M-536 Souper Man M-314 Sparkey M-314b Sparkey & Son
M-528 Sparkle Sisters BKG-05 Speak Easy M-376 Special Arrival
M-557a Special Christmas Surprise M-305 Special Delivery M-557c Special Easter Surprise!
M-557b Special Valentine's Surprise! A-39 Speedy Chick A-06 Spooked Pumpkins
M-302d Spooky Smorgasbord M-314c Spooky Speeder M-219 Spotted Sea Horse
M-309zClub Spreading Magic A-37 Spring Bunny & Robin M-482zP Spring Butterfly Arch (Pastel)
M-454x Spring Drive M-111 Spring Gardener CO-08z Spring Lor-raine
NM-1b Spring Nibble Mouse F-04 Spring Peepers M-347s Spring Peepers
M-435z Sprinkle of Joy M-397 Spruce Up M-342 Squire of Micester
M-342a Squire's Little Friend MU-06 Squirrel Peasant á la Gauguin M-412x Squirrely Bird
M-177e St. Patrick's Day Tea for Three MMO-1 Stand by your Mole MMO-1b Stand by your Mole (mole only)
A-07 Standing Bunny M-450 Star Boy M-322a Star Spangled Sparkler
M-309zAstroL Stargazing lavender M-309zAstroW Stargazing white M-480d Starlet
M-343 Starlighters M-168 Stars & Stripes M-468b Stars & Stripes Forever
LTD-03 Statue in the Park M-448b Statuesque M-323x Step Right Up
M-455a Step This Way M-424z Sticky Fingers CO-11 Stocking Stuffer
No #s Stone Owl M-353 Story Time M-353z Story Time (pig only)
M-540y Strange Brew M-542 Strawberry Sweetie M-221 String-of-Hearts
M-354 Striped Tiara LTD-08 Strolling Through the Seasons M-128 Strolling with Baby
M-607 Strolling with My Chickies M-208 Struggling Artist M-282y Sue Chef
M-246 Sugar & Spice M-246s Sugar & Spice NC-4 Sugar Plum Fairy
BB-15a Sugar Plum Fairy Bear M-525x Sugar Shack M-482zB Summer Butterfly Arch (Bold)
M-311d Summer Cottage M-270s4 Summer Sunflower Pedal Pusher M-234 Sun Snoozer
No #s Suncatcher B-05 Sunday Bunny M-132 Sunday Drivers
M-338 Sunflower Dress Up M-397b Sunflower Shutterbug M-311g Sunflower Smiles
M-180zf Sunnie the Clown M-620 Sunny Bright Rainbow M-461z Super Powers
M-461zb Super Powers Animal Charity M-461za Super Powers Breast Cancer Charity MS-19 Surf's Up!
M-2002 Surprise! M-514s Surprised Santa! M-475 Swan Boat Sweethearts
No #s Swedish Girl M-587 Sweet and Spicy Twosome M-464a Sweet Corn
M-136 Sweet Dreams A-47 Sweet Kitty M-621 Sweet Pea
A-27y Sweet Serenade M-321c Sweet Songbird M-492 Sweet Starfish Treater
M-525xa Sweet Tooth M-465 Sweet Treater M-384 Sweet Treats
M-460a Sweetheart Spin M-079 Sweethearts M-596 Taking Flight
M-535 Tally Ho! M-177 Tea for Three M-074 Tea for Two
M-011 Tea Mouse M-285 Tea with Tillie M-453h Team Rudolph