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MM-05a Little Fifer with Fife M-077 Little Fire Chief M-062 Little Ghost
M-345a Little Halloween Bat M-345 Little Halloween Bat with Pumpkins M-230 Little Holly Angel
M-521 Little Match Girl M-308 Little Mermouse M-189 Little Mice Who Lived in a Shoe
M-338b Little Miss Pink Petals M-476 Little Missy Valentine M-490 Little Mouse in Scary Bear!
M-254 Little Nell M-555x Little Peanut M-216 Little Pirate Kidd
FT-02 Little Red Riding Hood Mouse FT-01 Little Red Riding Hood Mouse & Wolf M-612 Little Sampler
BB-06b Little Sis BB-06c Little Sis BB-06d Little Sis
M-085 Little Sledders M-181 Little Squirt M-499a Little Sweetheart Girl
M-499az Little Sweetheart Girl T-01 Little Teddy M-583 Little Witch with Lantern
M-088 Littlest Angel M-156 Littlest Witch M-155 Littlest Witch & Skeleton
M-064 Lone Caroler B-16 Look Who's in Bunny's Garden! M-323a Looking Over 1st Prize
M-195 Lord & Lady Mousebatten M-195a Lord Mousebatten BB-18 Lost on the Trail!
A-46 Lovable Puppy M-295 Love in Bloom M-461a Love is in the Air
FS-05 Love Letter M-331c Love You Too! M-331b Love You!
A-15 Lovebirds M-456 Lover's Knot M-233 Loves Me...
M-604 Lovin' the Oven SA-3 Loving Angel M-634 Loving You!
A-22 Luck o' the Lady...bug! M-319a Lucky Blarney! SA-1 Lullaby Angel
BB-03 Lunch on a Log M-409 Mabel, Mabel... M-508b Madness in the Lab!
M-428z Magic! M-323b Magical Creatures RH-2 Maid Marion
MP-06 Majorette M-264 Mall Mom M-281 Mallowing Out
M-018 Mama Mouse with Baby (1978) No #m Mantle Clock M-153abc Marching Band set
B-08 Market Bunny M-001a Market Mouse (Early) M-150 Market Mouse (Later)
CC-03 Marley's Ghost M-453d Marshmallow Car M-326 Mary's Christmas
M-445b Mary's Little Lamb M-012 May Belle Mouse M-482 May Day Merriment
M-070 Me & Raggedy Ann M-317 Me In My Nightcap M-410 Meadow Musings
M-493a Merry & Bright M-090 Merry Chris-Miss M-091 Merry Chris-Mouse
A-11a Merry Christmas Morning! M-553 Merry Matchup CO-06 Merry Mermouse
M-201 Midnight Snack M-615b Mighty Mousey MS-26c Mini Winnie
MM-12 Minute Mouse II M-194y Mischief & Mayhem H-3 Miss and Baby Hippo
M-040 Miss Bobbin M-040s Miss Bobbin Online M-182 Miss Daisy
D-1 Miss Ducky D-1s Miss Ducky M-306 Miss Esther Bunny
M-306a Miss Esther Bunny H-1 Miss Hippo H-1s Miss Hippo
M-307 Miss Liberty M-001 Miss Mouse M-002b Miss Mouse with Bow Hat
M-002a Miss Mouse with Straw Hat M-002 Miss Mousey M-435 Miss Mousey, Will You Marry Me?
No #m Miss Neighborly Mouse M-146 Miss Noel M-003 Miss Nursey Mouse
P-01 Miss Piggy School Marm M-046 Miss Polly Mouse FX-01 Miss Society Fox/Fancy Fox
M-045 Miss Teach M-073 Miss Teach & Pupil AH-08 Missy Loves Santa
AH-07 Missy's Sunflower M-426a Mitten Trade M-040y Mixer
WW-1 Mole MO-02 Mole Bell Ringer MO-01 Mole Scout
MO-04b Mole's 'Belly Whopper' MO-04a Mole's First Snow! MO-03 Mole's New Sled