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MP-05 Pot Lid Lad MP-06 Majorette MP-07 Pokie
MP-08 Dot MS-01 Bobsled Three MS-02 Skater Mouse
MS-03 Mouse Skier MS-04 Tennis Star MS-05 Tennis Star Mouse
MS-06 Skating Star Mouse MS-07 Golfer Mouse (Early) MS-08 Skater Mouse
MS-09 Skier Mouse (Early) MS-09 Skier Mouse (Later) MS-10 Golfer Mouse (Later)
MS-11 Two in a Canoe MS-12 Land Ho! MS-13 Tennis Anyone?
MS-14 Fishin' Chip MS-15 Joe Di'Mousio /Batter-up! MS-15cc Batter Up!
MS-16 Camping Out MS-17 Benched! MS-18 Victor!
MS-19 Surf's Up! MS-20 Phil Mouseposito /Slapshot! MS-20s Phil Mouseposito /Slapshot!
MS-20ss Phil Mouseposito /Slapshot! MS-21 Go Long! MS-22 Drifting Along...
MS-23 What a Kicker! MS-23s What a Kicker! MS-24 Gym Pals
MS-24a Heavyweight MS-24b Lightweight MS-25 Walkmouse
MS-25z Folk Racers MS-26 Winnie MS-26a Tennis Champs! with Mini Winnie
MS-26b Tennis Champs! with Winston Jr. MS-26c Mini Winnie MS-27 Winston
MS-27a Tennis Champs! with Mini Winnie MS-27b Tennis Champs! with Winston Jr. MS-27c Winston Jr.
MS-28 Bunny Slope Buddies MS-29 Birdie MS-30 Puttering Around
MS-31 Free Throw MS-32 Little Bopper MU-01 Rabbit Dancer á la Degas
MU-02 Mouse w/Sunflowers á la van Gogh MU-03 Rabbits Dancing á la Renoir MU-04 The Postman á la van Gogh
MU-05 Can-Can Mouse á la Toulouse Lautrec MU-06 Squirrel Peasant á la Gauguin MU-07 Cats with Poppies á la Monet
NC-1 Nutcracker NC-2 Clara NC-2z Tiny Mouse Nutcracker
NC-3 Fritz NC-3z A Mousey's Midnight Ride NC-4 Sugar Plum Fairy
NC-5 Mouse King NM-1 Single Nibble Mouse NM-1a Christmas Nibble Mouse
NM-1b Spring Nibble Mouse NM-2 Double Nibble Mouse NM-3 Triple Nibble Mouse
NM-4 Barn Door Backdrop NM-4a Christmas Barn Door Backdrop NM-5 Elegant Mr. Nibble
NM-5a Mr. Nibbles NM-6 Mr. Nibbles Comes A 'Calling No #b Beauty & The Beast
No #b Beetle No #b Bunnies on Stone No #c Cave Mice
No #c Cookie Ornament No #c Crystal & Snowman No #f Early Frog
No #f French Doll No #f Ugly Frog No #g Gifts to Employees/ Painters
No #l Lady Mouse with Basket No #l Leprechaun No #m Early Mouse
No #m Mantle Clock No #m Miss Neighborly Mouse No #m Mouse Mug
No #m Mr. Mole No #o Early Owl No #p Painting
No #p Party Mouse in Plain Dress No #p Party Mouse in Polka Dot Dress No #p Party Mouse in Sailor Suit
No #p Party Mouse in Striped Dress No #p Party Mouse with Bow Tie No #p Puppy on a Bucket
No #r Raggedy Ann (1983) No #r Raggedy Ann (1994) No #s Screech Owl
No #s Stone Owl No #s Suncatcher No #s Swedish Girl
No #w Wooden Horse O-1 Mr. & Mrs. Owl O-2 Mrs. Owl
O-3 Mr. Owl O-4 Colonial Owls O-5 Grad Owl
O-6 Graduate Owl OM-1 Ezra Ripley OM-2 Sarah Ripley
OM-5 Nathaniel Hawthorne P-01 Miss Piggy School Marm P-02 Piggy Baker
P-02a Piggy Baker P-03 Jolly Tar Piggy P-04 Picnic Piggies