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M-048 Photographer Mouse M-049 Carpenter Mouse M-050 Mrs. Tidy and Helper
M-051 Mrs. Tidy M-052 Mother's Helper M-053 Flower Girl
M-054 Nurse Mousey M-055 Doc Mouse & Patient M-056 School Marm Mouse
M-057 Barrister Mouse M-058 Graduate Mouse M-059 Pearl Knit Mouse
M-060 Mom & Squeaky Clean M-061 Little Devil M-062 Little Ghost
M-062a Mommy's Little Ghost M-063 The Carolers M-064 Lone Caroler
M-065 Mousey Express M-066 Baby Sitter (Later) M-067 Wedding Mice (Later)
M-068 Office Mousey M-069 Beddy-Bye Mousey M-069a The Plight of the Broken Broom
M-069b Baby's Secret Garden M-070 Me & Raggedy Ann M-071 Arty Mouse
M-072 Say 'Cheese' M-073 Miss Teach & Pupil M-074 Tea for Two
M-075 Mousey's Teddy M-076 Beach Mousey M-077 Little Fire Chief
M-078 Moon Mouse M-079 Sweethearts M-080 Girl Sweetheart
M-080/80a Girl Sweetheart/Be Mine M-080a Be Mine M-080b I'm Yours
M-081 Boy Sweetheart M-082 Easter Bunny-Mouse M-083 Happy Birthday!
M-084 Snowmouse & Friend M-085 Little Sledders M-086 Lamplight Carolers
M-087 Holly Mouse M-088 Littlest Angel M-089 Poorest Angel
M-090 Merry Chris-Miss M-091 Merry Chris-Mouse M-092 Christmas Morning
M-093 First Christmas M-094 Cupid Mouse M-095 Mousey Nurse
M-096 Get Well Soon! M-097 Mouse Call M-098 Clown Mouse
M-099 Birthday Girl M-100 Mousey's Cone M-101 Mousey's Tricycle
M-102 Mousey's Dollhouse M-103 Rocking Tot M-104 Harvest Mouse
M-105 Wash Day M-106 Pack Mouse M-107a Chief Geronimouse
M-107b Running Doe & Little Dear M-108 Rope 'em Mousey M-109 Campfire Mouse
M-110 Traveling Mouse M-111 Spring Gardener M-112 First Day of School
M-113 Tidy Mouse M-114 Pen Pal Mousey M-115 Mom & Ginger Baker
M-116 Santa's Trainee M-117 Chris-Mouse Pageant M-118 Peter's Pumpkin
M-119 Prudence Pie Maker M-120 Witchy Boo! M-121 Pageant Wisemen
M-121a Wise Man with Turban M-121ax Karmouse the Magnificent M-121b Wise Man in Robe
M-121c Wise Man Kneeling M-122 Pageant Shepherds M-122a Shepherd Kneeling
M-122b Shepherd Standing M-123 Under the Chris-Mouse Tree M-124 Chris-Mouse Tree
M-125 Quilting Bea M-126 Attic Treasure M-127 Family Portrait
M-128 Strolling with Baby M-129 Piggy-Back Mousey M-130 Mouse Talk
M-131 Come Play! M-132 Sunday Drivers M-133 Field Mouse
M-133a Field Mouse M-134 First Date M-135 Waltzing Matilda
M-136 Sweet Dreams M-136a Tuckered Out! M-137 First Haircut
M-138 Fun Float M-139 Mouse on Campus M-140 Just Checking
M-141 Come & Get It! M-142 Chris-Mouse Stocking M-143 Down the Chimney
M-144 Pageant Stable M-145a Pageant Angel M-145b Pageant Angel w/Holly
M-146 Miss Noel M-147 Choir Mouse M-148 Tooth Fairy
M-149 Don't Cry M-150 Market Mouse (Later) M-151 The Red Wagon