Author Topic: Get Well Support Tree Starting for Mae H of WFF Factory  (Read 165 times)


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Get Well Support Tree Starting for Mae H of WFF Factory
« on: January 17, 2017, 03:47:09 PM »
2017 is going to start off with a battle for someone who is near and dear to those of us who collect WFF: Mae H from the WFF factory.
Mae has been an incredible support person for me and everyone else who does business with Wee Forest Folk and the Petersens. I simply cannot thank her enough for her kindness, patience, competence and obvious love for the Petersens and WFF collectors. Her absence from the factory will be cavernous, but she needs some time away and some help from us.
Mae will soon start treatment for cancer once again, and the fight will be significant. But she will persevere, especially knowing so many of us are sending love, prayers, positive energy, and good karma.
So...the WFFCC is going to start a support tree. To respect her privacy and protect her from creepy crawlie folks on FB, I am not going to post her contact info here. However, I am asking for volunteers to start the tree. If you are willing to do this, I will share her mailing address with you and will post your name here as a contact person (first name and first letter of last name only). People who recognize your name will contact you for more information and will, in turn, get in touch with all of their WFF friends to spread the word. (If you already have her mailing address, please start sharing right away. However, please do not share phone or email info at this time, because she may not feel up to responding to hundreds of well-wishers...and she is exactly the kind of person who will feel like thanking everyone, no matter how sick or exhausted she feels.)
In short, let's see how many hundreds of Get Well cards we can shower her with this week and next. And perhaps you could continue to send words of support until the doctors declare her cancer free.
If you'd like to help start the tree, contact me here for more information: