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For Sale by collectors / Re: Mice for sale- new listings and reduced
« Last post by Vicki on September 02, 2017, 04:02:45 PM »
Cool Friends sold
Little Leaguer sold
For Sale by collectors / Re: Mice for sale- new listings and reduced
« Last post by Vicki on September 01, 2017, 03:41:19 PM »
The following are sold: Hoedown, PJ Kids, Mousey's Dollhouse, and Rub a dub dub
For Sale by collectors / Mice for sale- new listings and reduced
« Last post by Vicki on August 31, 2017, 08:23:08 PM »
Mice for sale - $5.00 shipping. Please email

Mousey's Dollhouse- $60

Father Christmouse-$30

Lighting the Way-$150

M263 Midnight Clear-$150

M43 Santa-$55

Quilting Bea rose-$30

Toothfairy pink -$25

Cool Friends-$20

M200 Wedding-$60

Polly Pink Parasol-$30

Mouse Talk-$50

Valentine Hoedown-$50

M445 Wee Baseball-$40

PJ kid cat-$30, PJ kid bunny $30 or both $50

Rub a dub-$50
For Sale by collectors / Lots of mice for sale!
« Last post by Lauren on August 30, 2017, 07:32:41 PM »
I have a WFF mouse collection I'm looking to sell -- all retired in like new condition (no box). Free shipping; I will accept Paypal and will ship within two days! Lots of holidays. Email me at to make an offer or with any questions! Thanks so much! :)

Chris-Mouse Pageant (will sell complete set for $325 or:)
M-117 Chris-Mouse Pageant Holy Family (1984) $90
M-144 Pageant Stable (1984) $100
M-121a, M-121b, and M-121c Wise Men (1985) $35 each
M-122a and M-122b Shepherds $25 each
M-145a Pageant Angel (lavender robe, 1987) $30

M-147 Choir Mouse (red robe with holly, 1987) $25
M-166 Chris-Mouse Slipper (1991, green) $35

M-082 Easter Bunny Mouse (yellow) $35
M-160 Mousey's Easter Basket $32
M-182 Miss Daisy $50

Skeleton Mousey (1987) $27 SOLD!
Littlest Witch (1987) $35

M-066 Baby Sitter (ivory chair, pink dress) $40
M-076 Beach Mousey (1982) $25 SOLD!
M-107a Chief Geronimouse $30 SOLD!
M-134 First Date (blue sofa) $70
M-148 Tooth Fairy (light blue) $35
M-162 Prima Ballerina (pink under white) $40
M-168 Stars & Stripes $35
M-170 Polly's Parasol (pink) $40
M-178 Night Prayer (cream bed, pink quillt, 1991) $80
M-182 Miss Daisy $50
MS-15 Joe Di'Mousio/Batter Up (white uniform with blue) $50
For Sale by collectors / Halloween Pieces For Sale
« Last post by lmalstrom on August 30, 2017, 11:06:25 AM »
I have the following Halloween pieces for sale.  All new and will come in a WFF box. Actual shipping to be applied. Check or money order.  Email me with any questions at

M-177 Halloween Tea for Three - $110
M-269s Hot Cocoa! Halloween - $80
M-185a The Old Black Stove Halloween - $125
M-392a Playing Princess - $100
M-354a Wicked Pretty Pink - $145
M-407a Witchy Hat, Scary Cat Pink or Purple - $110
M-280a Welcome Trick or Treaters! - $125
M-339 Sister's Ghostly Trick - $125
M-480c Itty Bitty Kitty Gray or Black - $55
M-325 Scared Crow - $145
M-280B Witch's Catwalk - $110
M-480 Small World Event Special Coaxing Kitty with Kibble Halloween - $475
M-492 Small World Event Special Sweet Starfish Treater Black Widow Embellishment - $120
M-491 Small World Event Special Happy Lobster Treater Shark Embellishment - $140
M-464 Small World Event Special Candy Corn Costume Spider Web Embellishment - $120

I have many other Halloween pieces so feel free to email me if you are looking for something in particular.  I just might have it!

Thanks :)

Wanted to Buy / "Tree Trimmer"
« Last post by LittleMouse on August 29, 2017, 06:52:42 AM »
I'm in search of "Tree Trimmer."  I've been surprised I can't find him anywhere because I don't think he is all that old.
For Sale by collectors / Mice Need New Homes....Buy All 8, Get 1 Free!
« Last post by SusanP on August 24, 2017, 08:53:29 PM »
I have 8 mice listed on ebay, with watchers, but no one is buying.  So....I'd like to get them off ebay and into new homes.
If you buy all 8, I'll give you another mouse free.  Here's the list:

Alice - Wonderland Series
Mad Hatter - Wonderland Series
Tweedledum/dee - Wonderland Series
Cheshire Cat - Wonderland Series
Expo Wee Folk Song
Purple Whoo's Inn
Singer, Pink
Lavender Ice Angel

Save some money and buy all 8 for $575, and I'll give you a Blue First Flight for free!

Email me directly at:

Thanks for looking!
For Sale by collectors / Many mice for sale
« Last post by chphoto1 on August 13, 2017, 05:40:15 PM »
Hello-I still have many, many mice for sale. All in perfect condition from non-smoking home, with boxes.  Free shipping for sales over $50.  Please email me with questions
M-040 Miss Bobbin   $44
M-060 Mom & Squeaky Clean (WP)   $48
M-065 Mousey Express   $28
M-070 Me & Raggedy Ann   $28
M-083 Happy Birthday! (WP)   $48
M-094 Cupid Mouse (WP)   $32
M-099 Birthday Girl (WP)   $28
M-101 Mousey's Tricycle   $32
M-103 Rocking Tot (WP)   $40
M-111 Spring Gardener   $40
M-115 Mom & Ginger Baker (WP)   $56
M-125 Quilting Bea   $32
M-126 Attic Treasure   $32
M-128 Strolling with Baby   $52
M-130 Mouse Talk   $44
M-134 First Date (WP)   $44
M-138 Fun Float (WP)   $32
M-138 Fun Float (WP)   $36
M-140 Just Checking   $24
M-142 Chris-Mouse Stocking   $32
M-146 Miss Noel   $44
M-150 Market Mouse (Later) (WP)   $40
M-151 The Red Wagon (WP)   $40
M-152 Scooter Mouse (WP)   $40
M-153c Tuba Player (WP)   $32
M-155 Littlest Witch & Skeleton   $52
M-163 Elf Tales   $48
M-171 Zelda   $44
M-172 Red Riding Hood At Grandmother's House (DP)   $228
M-173 Silent Night   $48
M-174 The Nutcracker (DP)   $48
M-175 Mousie's Egg Factory   $60
M-177 Tea for Three (DP)   $88
M-179 Sea Sounds   $36
M-181 Little Squirt (WP)   $32
M-182 Miss Daisy   $36
M-184 Mrs. Mousey's Studio (WP)   $96
M-185 The Old Black Stove (DP)   $112
M-186 High on the Hog   $52
M-187 Adam's Apples   $116
M-188 Snow Buddies (DP)   $40
M-189 Little Mice Who Lived in a Shoe (DP)   $320
M-190 Peter Pumpkin Eater   $68
M-193 Welcome Chick!   $44
M-196 One-Mouse Band   $52
M-196a One-Mouse Band   $56
M-201 Midnight Snack(DP)   $140
M-202 The Yard Sale (DP)   $228
M-204 Clementine (DP)   $64
M-205 Broom Service (DP)   $52
M-206 Jack in the Sandbox (DP)   $60
M-207 High Flyer (WP)   $64
M-208 Struggling Artist (WP)   $48
M-209 Caught in the Act (WP)   $44
M-211 Wanderlust   $48
M-215 Something's Brewing (DP)   $68
M-216 Little Pirate Kidd   $48
M-217 Early Riser (WP)   $48
M-218 Mousey's Bunny Slippers (WP)   $44
M-220 Mousey's Bake Sale (DP)   $112
M-220 Mousey's Bake Sale (DP)   $112
M-223 Party Boy   $48
M-224 Party Girl   $48
M-227 Home Sweet Home (DP)   $116
M-229b Her Big Hug (WP)   $56
M-232 Pickity Pumpkin (DP)   $68
M-235 Shelley (DP)   $52
M-236 Alone at Last! (DP)   $40
M-237 Patient Lucy (WP)   $60
M-238 Hoe Joe (WP) green cabbage   $80
M-239 Scamper   $64
M-240 Scamper Raising Cane   $112
M-242 Pumpkinmobile (DP)   $48
M-244 Possum's Pizza Party   $96
M-245 Mousie's Big Pal   $72
M-246 Sugar & Spice (WP)   $68
M-248 Pearly Whites (DP)   $116
M-249 Whoo's Inn (DP)   $48
M-251 Bunny in a Basket (DP)   $96
M-252 Bee-Dazzled   $48
M-253 Brrr! (WP)   $40
M-256 Jenny's Jams & Jellies (DP)   $80
M-257 Molly's Choice (DP)   $112
M-252 Bee-Dazzled   $48
M-258 Carmen   $60
M-259 The Wee Family   $100
M-264 Mall Mom   $56
M-266 Brushing Up (WP)   $68
M-267 Ace   $40
M-268 Country Classroom (WP)   $136
M-269 Hot Cocoa! (WP)   $60
M-270 Pedal Pusher (WP)   $100
M-270 Pedal Pusher (WP)   $68
M-272 Lady Bug-a-boo (DP)   $48
M-273 Checker Chums (AWDP)   $160
M-278 Little Dipper (DP)   $44
M-279 Having a Ball (WP)   $160
M-280 Best in Show (WP)   $44
M-281 Mallowing Out (WP)   $68
M-282a His Music Lesson (DP)   $208
M-283 Farm Boy   $56
M-285 Tea with Tillie (DP)   $156
M-286 Knittin' Pretty (WP)   $68
M-2002 Surprise! (AWDP)   $220
MS-09 USA Skier Mouse   $32
MS-11 Two in a Canoe (WP)   $44
MS-12 Land Ho!   $180
MS-14 Fishin' Chip (WP)   $44
MS-15 Joe Di'Mousio /Batter-up!   $40
MS-16 Camping Out   $68
MS-Benched   $32
MS-18 Victor!   $48
MS-19 Surf's Up! (WP)   $72
MS-21 Go Long!-Limited edition Patriots   $56
MS-22 Drifting Along...   $60
MMO-1 Stand by your Mole   $60
MMO-2 Do-si-do   $80
MM-09 Concord Minute Mouse and Red Coat (WP)   $96
FS-03 Mousie Comes A-Calling (WP)   $68
FS-04 Mountain Stream (WP)   $156
FS-06 Picnic on the Riverbank (WP)   $120
FS-07 Wayside Chat (WP)   $136
PM-4 Just Ducky (WP)   $132
PM-5 Raindrops (WP)   $120
PM-6 Forget-Me-Knot (WP)   $128
T-03 Boo Bear (DP)   $24
T-04 Drummer Bear (DP)   $24
T-05 Santa Bear (DP)   $24
T-07 Seaside Teddy (DP)   $24
T-09 Wedding Bears (DP)   $40
T-11 Hansel & Gretel Bears at the Witch's House (DP)   $120
MO-02 Mole Bell Ringer   $32
LTD-06 Any Birdie Home? (WP)   $156
LTD-07 The Milestone (WP)   $176
CC-02 Bob Cratchit and Tiny Tim   $24
CC-04 Ghost of Christmas Past   $40
C-07 The Fairy Godmother   $68
OM-5 Nathaniel Hawthorne   $72
PM-2 Waterbugs (WP)   $112
B-14 Busy Bunny   $52
LTD-05 At the Mouseum (WP)   $160
FS-02 Hearts and Flowers (WP)   $80
AH-03 Scrabble & Son   $80
BB-01 Don't Be Shy   $48
BB-02 Welcome Home!   $76
BB-05 Father's Night   $100
BB-11 Honey Bear   $88
For Sale by collectors / Field Mouse/Mice for Sale, M-133
« Last post by Turista1 on August 05, 2017, 11:47:26 AM »
Field Mouse/Mice in new, mint condition, from a smoke-free home, shipping at cost.  Please email me directly,

Wee Forest Folk Limited 2004 Thanksgiving Special on base with pumpkins, pumpkin color tractor mouse in brown overalls plaid shirt, $150

Whimsey Hollow Patriotic White tractor limited to 100 store special with flag on top blue overalls plaid shirt, $150

Whimsey Hollow Burgundy tractor limited to 36 store special, tan overalls yellow shirt, $150

Creative Hands Black tractor limited store special, gray overalls plaid shirt, $150

Creative Hands Silver tractor limited store special, denim overalls plaid shirt, $150

Creative Hands Pomegranate tractor limited to 24 store special, green overalls cream/white shirt, $150

Enchanted Loft Royal Blue tractor limited store special, gray overalls white shirt, $125

Mole Hole Beaverton Orange tractor limited store special, denim overalls yellow plaid shirt, $125

Folktoberfest Pink tractor, denim overalls lavender and white plaid shirt, $125
Wanted to Buy / Want to buy
« Last post by jackiem on July 17, 2017, 08:12:30 AM »
Looking for 2017 mouse expo custom attendee/full proxy piece
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