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For Sale by collectors / Mice for Sports Fan
« Last post by seaatheart on December 22, 2017, 01:32:14 AM »
Please email me directly if interested. These mice are in excellent condition. Thanks!

1. Go Along (NFL 2004 Champion) - $50
2. Victor (Gold) - $28
3. Joe D'Mousio/Batter Up (blue/white) - $25
4. Joe D'Mousio/Batter Up (gray) - $30
5. Joe D'Mousio/Batter Up (red/white) - $25

For Sale by collectors / 2 Signed Mice for sale
« Last post by seaatheart on December 22, 2017, 01:19:26 AM »
These "signed" mice are in excellent condition.
Please email me directly if interested. Thanks!

1. Red Riding Hood at Grandmother's House - $150
2. Checkers Chum - $140


For sale in excellent/new condition, BB8 and BB9 Good Tidings! Bear and Plum Pudding Bear exclusive/limited from Presence Gift Shop, both dressed in beautiful black/red/green plaid with candy cane embellishments, "P" on lantern of Good Tidings! and "Noel" on heart of Plum Pudding.  Photos on request.  $165 and free shipping.  Please email me directly, 
Wanted to Buy / Want to buy Little Fire Chief M-77
« Last post by Crocomouse on December 13, 2017, 07:26:52 PM »
Want to buy if anyone has one willing to sell at a reasonable price.  Email me at

Thanks!  :-*
For Sale by collectors / Downsizing Sale - 14 Mice At Nice Prices...For The Holidays!
« Last post by SusanP on December 04, 2017, 06:20:53 PM »
M-352  Pond Pals  $55
M-466a Easter Eggstravaganza  $270
M-297  A Wee Folk Song, Expo  $105
M-277 Yummy!  Folktoberfest 2003  $110
M-553a  Mousey's Easter Bonnets  $105
MMO-1b  Hawaiian Don Mole  FairyTales  $90
AIW-06  Cheshire Cat  $85
M-249  Whoo's Inn, Purple  $60
M-71  Arty Mouse, blue smock  $50
M-269s Hot Cocoa! Ltd. edition  $80
M-229a A Big Hug, purple dress  $60
M-159  Forty Winks, blue chair  $40
M-180  April Showers, white with shamrock  $40
M-327  First Flight, blue  $40

The first 10 are listed for $5 more on ebay - if you want one of them, let me know ASAP, so I can end the listing.  Free shipping - not all have WFF boxes, but will be carefully packed.  Mint condition, only displayed in a glass cabinet, away from sun and dust.  Need new homes for the holidays!  email me at:
For Sale by collectors / Mice looking for a Christmas home
« Last post by Barb on December 02, 2017, 03:06:52 PM »
WFF Mice for sale, all in mint condition and with their boxes - From a smoke-free home, gently displayed.  I'm asking $5.00 extra to cover postage

    M-146  Miss Noel          (burgundy outfit)
    M-231  Wreathmaker    (white gown, burgundy stool)
    M-286  Knittin Pretty     (yellow dress-red chair)

    M-262b  Hope Lights the Way 
If interested, please e-mail me (Barbara)
Any reasonable offer will be accepted.
Wanted to Buy / The Team M-453i (From Wonderland Express Series)
« Last post by Turista1 on December 01, 2017, 06:18:55 AM »
Please let me know if you have this piece for sale.  It is part of the Wonderland Express series.  Thanks.
For Sale by collectors / Limited Edition Mice for Sale!
« Last post by Pat Casken on November 29, 2017, 06:18:17 AM »
Hi! The following Limited Edition WFF are for sale - all in mint condition and with their boxes - from a smoke-free home and never displayed. I'm asking $5.00 extra to cover postage and insurance. Thanks for looking! (

M-171 ZELDA (Silver Anniversary Special made for Collectors Haven to celebrate WFF's 25th Anniversary. Only 200 made. Silver glitter dress with black glitter bow and headband, purple flowers, white beads and earrings. Lavender roses on base) $250.

M-187a ADAM'S APPLES (Halloween Special Edition. Only 750 made. Light green apples, Bat on shopping bag, spider web on Adam's apron, candy corn on fruit stand. Adam in purple shirt, Kid in purple overalls with white dots) $180.

M-216  LITTLE PIRATE KIDD (Seven Arts Special color. Only 100 made. Rust pants with gold stripes, rust hat with black lining and gold trim and skull. Pale yellow in Pumpkin's eye and mouth. Gold tooth on Pumpkin) $145.

M-246  SUGAR AND SPICE (Halloween Special Color. Halloween cookies, purple-striped dress, spider web on apron)  $75.

MS-15  BATTER UP! (Red Sox Special for 2004 World Series win. White uniform with red trim and red undershirt and sox. "Boston" on back of shirt. Baseball and "World Champs" on side of hat. Baseball on base with "2004" printed on it) $75

LTD-05  AT THE MOUSEUM (#458 of 3500 - Signed by William Peterson) $155.

LTD-07  THE MILESTONE (#1475 of 2500 - Signed by William Peterson) $155.

LTD-08  STROLLING THROUGH THE SEASONS (Fall, 250 made. Girl in white gown with light blue glitter, blue-and-pink flower wreath. Boy in white suit with blue jacket, light blue feather on hat) $165.

EV-2003  GREETINGS! (150 made. light blue glittery suit, gold spaceship, blue portholes, gold boot soles, white gloves, blue-gray froglets, Batch #1) $75.
For Sale by collectors / Re: Mice for sale
« Last post by Vicki on November 26, 2017, 07:07:03 AM »
Pink swan and Clippity Clop-SOLD
For Sale by collectors / Mice for sale
« Last post by Vicki on November 25, 2017, 06:55:43 AM »
M95 Nurse in white-$25

Clippity Clop in green and peach- Owl’s Corner $60

M189 Little Mice who lived in a Shoe-$230

Accessories- A 6 -I have two of the black crow on pumpkin

M334- In the spotlight - large piece with piano and two mice -$170

In the spotlight singer in red LTD. $55

M346b-Easter My Little Easter Basket-Ltd. contact for pricing

M475a pink swan couple-$95

For -get -me -knots-Nightie $50, Houskeeping $50

Shipping will be calculated depending on purchase.

Contact with any questions or desires to purchase.

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