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Information / 2017 Club piece is now available!
« Last post by Geoff on January 15, 2018, 11:54:30 PM »
Whet's New?--features a mouse dressed in lavender looking across a mushroom cap at a saw-whet owl, with a cardinal and robin on a grassy base and a green bag that says 'Wffcc 2017'. The price of $206 includes shipping. Send a check made out to 'WFFCC' to

Wee Forest Folk Collectors Club
PO Box 626
Harrison MI 48625

Be sure to include your mailing address!
Questions / Re: Cleaning my mice
« Last post by Kbeech on January 10, 2018, 06:56:52 PM »
Yes but as a long time collector it is best to keep them all under glass.  :)   
Questions / Life of the Party Mouse looks different
« Last post by Kbeech on January 10, 2018, 06:55:53 PM »
Are there any other mice that look like the Life of the Party mouse from 2014?  When I saw it listed on ebay I thought it was a fake at first.  Thanks!
Wanted to Buy / Looking for M-038 Mouse Ballerina
« Last post by lmalstrom on January 10, 2018, 11:18:40 AM »
I'm looking for a M-038 Mouse Ballerina.  Please email me at if you have one from a smoke-free home for sale.

Thank you,

For Sale by collectors / Retired Mice and Teddys for Sale
« Last post by Pat Casken on January 08, 2018, 07:05:18 AM »
Hi! The following Retired WFF Mice and Teddys are for sale, all in mint condition and with their boxes - From a smoke-free home and never displayed. I'm asking $5.00 extra to cover postage and insurance. Thanks for looking! (

M-60  MOM AND SQUEAKY CLEAN (Mother in blue, pink tile base with ceramic twig edges. Outer tub dark gray) $59.

M-126  ATTIC TREASURE  (Rose dress, cream apron) $64.

M-134  FIRST DATE (Light blue sofa, Girl in pink dress, Boy in white shirt and gray pants) $75.

M-148  TOOTH FAIRY (Blue dress) $30.

M-161  COMMENCEMENT DAY (Black robe) $36.



M-177  TEA FOR THREE (Pink dress, white apron, cream-colored teapot, blue and golden-brown chairs) $135.

M-202  THE YARD SALE $269.

For Sale by collectors / Wee Forest Folk Collection for Sale - New Jersey
« Last post by J4PDEV on January 01, 2018, 05:09:44 PM »
Hi, after many years of collecting, we are downsizing our Wee Forest Folk collection.  The WFF were mostly collected during the period of 1987 - 2006.  They are all in excellent condition having been stored in glass enclosures in a very clean, smoke-free home.  We are in NJ and welcome local collectors to stop by to see them.  We also have a list we can email to those who are interested.  Many retired and special color pieces in this collection.  Original boxes come with all of them.  If interested, email me at J4PDEV@YAHOO.COM and I will reply with the list.
For sale: My wall hanging cherrywood curio cabinet/case I had 36 Wee forest folk in. Keeps them dust free and easy to view.
Smoke free home
Like new
$60.00 free shipping.
For Sale by collectors / I"m selling my Wee Forest Folk collection (36) in all
« Last post by OVERSPENDER on January 01, 2018, 07:59:18 AM »
Shipping is $5.00 whether you buy one or more.
These are in perfect condition. They have been stored in a glass cabinet out of direct sunlight.  Come from a non smoking home.
I don't have any of the boxes but they will be pack in foam when I ship them.  They are also listed on eBay at a higher price.
If you buy multiple mice i'm open to offers.  I can send you pictures, just respond to my email address.
We can use PayPal for all transactions.  My name is Nancy 402-440-0001
1.  M-099  BIRTHDAY GIRL  $30
2.  M-060  SQUEAKY CLEAN  $70
3.  M-152  SCOOTER MOUSE  $39
4.  M-101  MOUSEY'S TRICYCLE  $48
5.  M-134  FIRST DATE  $70
6.  M-138  FUN FLOAT  $40
7.  M-181  LITTLE SQUIRT  $52
8.  M-171  ZELDA  $52
9.  M-179  SEA SOUNDS  (RARE)  $34
10.M-194  THE MUMMY  $52
11.M-223  PARTY BOY $52
12.M-224  PARTY GIRL  $60
13.M-270a PEDDLE PUSHER  $110
14.M-260  ROLY POLY  $32
15.M-221  STRING OF HEARTS  $40
17.M-275  CRYSTAL  $55
18.M-278  LITTLE DIPPER  $52
19.M-289a WEE SEA BABY PINK  $25
20.M-289  WEE SEA BABY BLUE  $25
21.M-180  APRIL SHOWERS  $35
22.M-209  CAUGHT IN THE ACT  $65
23.M-294  COOLER KIDS  $126
24.M-250  PUDDING ANYONE?  $70
25.M-234  SUN SNOOZER  $90
26.M-261  DOUBLE DELIGHT  $46
27.M-288  MOUSIES MATINEE  $56
28.M-254  LITTLE NELL  $41
29.M-321  POPPYS BUBBLES  $50
30.M-313  HIPSTER  $45
31.M-355  KITTY CUDDLE  $90
32.M-468  PRIZE CATCH  $82
35.M-300  THE CANDY CORN KID  $25
Questions / Cleaning my mice
« Last post by Crocomouse on December 28, 2017, 06:17:03 PM »
Best way to clean them?  A few have dust ... not sure the best way.  A small paint brush would that be okay?
For Sale by collectors / 2017 Close-Out
« Last post by seaatheart on December 22, 2017, 01:56:30 AM »
These mice are in excellent condition; Displayed in smoke-free home.
Please email me directly if interested. Thanks!

1. Choir Mouse - $40
2. Do-Si-Do - $45
3. Scamper - $55
4. Forty Winks - $30
5. Hot Cocoa - $50
6. Shelley - $50
7. Miss Bobbin (yellow) - $45
8. The Collector's piece - $30
9. Tooth Fairy - $25
10. Loves Me - $30
11. Roly Poly (orange) - $25
12. No Peeking (burgundy) - $30
13. No peeking (black) - $20
14. Beddy Bye Mousey - $30
15. Field Mouse (pink) - $75
16. Forget-me-not - $90
17. Mousey Studio - $95
18. LTD-10 A Stitch In Time (lavender/pink) - $120


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