2014 Folktoberfest Attendee Registration and Order Form



September 26-28, Doherty Hotel in Clare MI/dohertyhotel.com/800-525-4115

(Tell them youÕre with the Wee Forest Folk Mouse Event OR Folktoberfest.)


You do not need to be a member of the Wee Forest Folk Collectors Club to attend (but your $20 membership fee would be greatly appreciated, especially if you routinely use our online resources such as the Master List of Pieces and the For Sale and Information Bulletin Boards).




(1) Three-Day Registration with Purchase:  Purchase $675 worth of FTF 2014 Event Pieces (not including tax) and your registration fee will be waived. Early registration will earn you raffle tickets:  100 if postmarked by August 11th, 50 if postmarked by August 18th, and 25 if postmarked by the 25th .  (Raffle tickets at the event will cost $2 each or 20 for $25). 


(2) Three-Day Paid Registration:  If you plan to attend but will not be purchasing $675 worth of pieces, the registration fee is $250.  This fee will include the reception on Friday, all three meals and snacks on Saturday, brunch on Sunday, participation in all events including the auction, plus prizes and surprises all weekend long.  Again, early registration will earn you participation tickets.


Your three-day registration fee entitles you to (a) participate fully in all FTF challenges and events including raffles and auctions, (b) win prizes and surprises, and (c) enjoy Doherty hospitality (reception Friday evening, three meals and snacks plus Wonky Cake on Saturday, and brunch on Sunday).  It also entitles you to purchase any or all versions of the Attendee pieces plus all of the event pieces and the WFFCC Club Piece.  YOU NEED NOT REGISTER FOR FTF TO PURCHASE THE CLUB PIECE.


(3) Saturday-Only Registration:  $150, which will be waived if you purchase at least $350 of FTF 2014 Event Pieces.  This fee covers everything happening on Saturday:  meals, contests/activities, prizes, etc.  Saturday-only guests may purchase Attendee pieces (any or all variations), as well as the rest of the FTF 2014 event pieces and the Club piece.


(4) Sunday-Only Registration:  If you want to attend Sunday for the auction and prize/raffle drawings, registration will be $100.  Sunday-Only guests may purchase Attendee pieces (any or all variations), as well as the rest of the FTF 2014 event pieces and the Club piece.


               (5) Meals-Only Registration:  If youÕd like to join us for meals and snacks only, you can do so for food costs of just $140 for the weekend (ask about daily charges if you will not be here all weekend).


Registrations will have a cut-off date in mid September (to be announced in a few weeks).  We will place our final order with the factory on that date.  No mice will be ordered after the factory-cut off date, although you are still welcome to attend the event as a registered guest.  WE WILL ORDER ONLY AS MANY PIECES AS ARE NEEDED TO FILL ORDERS.


We will accept layaway payments and may even be willing to extend those payments beyond the event date, as long as you order enough to pay for registration costs.  Contact Nancy (nbr@charter.net) to work out a payment plan.


FTF HOTEL LOCATION:  Folktoberfest will be held at the Doherty Hotel in Clare, Michigan.  You can reach them online at www.dohertyhotel.com or call them at 800-525-4115 or 989-386-3441.


Clare is a small Michigan town about 15 minutes north of Mt. Pleasant (home of the Pohlcat Golf Course and Soaring Eagle Casino) and an hour north of Lansing (state capital).  It is currently most famous for its bakery, Cops ŌnÕ Doughnuts, which is wholly owned and run by Clare City police officers.  For many FTF guests, it is also home to the Mulberry Cafˇ, where you can purchase not only amazing scones with lemon curd but a variety of made-from-scratch pies for there or to go.  Many collectors preorder pies to take home with them on Sunday.  Clare is in the heart of Amish country so donÕt be surprised to see horse-drawn buggies traveling past the hotel.  Handmade quilts can be custom ordered directly from the seamstresses who will make them. Day trips from Clare include both Lake Michigan and Lake Huron and the Mackinaw Bridge, among many others.  The weather should still be reasonably warm in September but dressing in layers is always recommended in Michigan.  Fall in Michigan means colorful trees, apple orchards with cider and donuts, and late fall harvests.  About 1.5 hours north of us, it means really good wines (personal favorite:  Traverse City Early or Late Harvest Riesling).



Event Pieces and the WFFCC Club Piece count toward Registration Fees

Here are the Cut-and-Paste pieces.  Please note the original elements presented here:  new bases for all three pieces,
tiny sculptures never before available in painted form, a modified fence and new binoculars created for Birds Watching,
and maybe even some elements weÕve missed! 

Remember these photos are enlarged; the tiny details will be even more amazing in person. 

Note, too, that these are prototypes.  The final versions you receive will be even BETTER than the pictures show. 
For example, Nightie Mouse below will have a candle in her tiny hand. 

You may purchase as many of the following three cut-and-paste pieces as you wish:  Just One More, Mom's Garden, and Birds Watching.

Just One More—$400


Mom's Garden—$300


Birds Watching—$250



The following are the Attendee pieces.  You may purchase one of EACH version, for a total of FOUR. 
(Nonattendees may purchase the unembellished version:  girl in aquarium dress holding regular line goldfish.)


Fancy Fish—$92

Version 1: Yellow Fish Version 2: Red Fish Version 3: Aqua Fish
Version 4: "Unembellished" in aquarium dress, holding Goldfish

There is no purchase limit or attendance requirement for either of the two pieces pictured below:
Blooming Friendship—$75 Annette's Tiny Treasures—$175

Budding Artiste—Second Embellished Piece AND WFFCC Club Piece—$98
Version 1: Drawing Flowers Version 2: Drawing Birds
Version 3: Drawing Fish Version 4: Drawing WFFCC Club Piece
Mouse Face

Attendees may purchase one of EACH of the three designs created for Folktoberfest: 

tropical fish, birds and flowers. 


The WFFCC Club piece is available to both attendees and nonattendees.




This year participation tickets will be placed in separate raffle boxes for a variety of interesting prizes, including WFF pieces and other types of mouse-related goodies linked to different types of hobbies such as quilting, pottery, painting, and jewelry.  There will be no official WFF participation piece.


Participation tickets will be awarded for many types of activities and there is no reason for anyone to be without a significant number of free tickets.  We will engage in our usual group interactions, challenges, puzzles, and quests, each of which is a potential source of tickets.  Early registration is an easy way to earn a significant number of tickets.  BE SURE TO BRING MAILING LABELS UNLESS YOU WANT TO WRITE YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS A HUNDRED TIMES OR MORE!



Five special versions of Annette's Tiny Treasures will be auctioned for charity and a sixth will be in one of the raffle drawings.  Charities will be specified for each piece so as to Ņspread the wealthÓ among as many worthy causes as possible.  You must attend to purchase this piece and may only purchase one.  Other OOAKs and embellished pieces will be donated by Annette and the WFFCC;  Nancy and Lorraine also plan to donate at least a dozen retired pieces from their personal collections related to hobbies (and specially embellished by the factory for this event).  In all, the charity will contain about 30 limited, OOAK, and embellished WFF pieces.


IF YOU ARE SENDING A PROXY, that person should be empowered to write the charity check; we will not bill you after the fact.



Sometimes picking up your pieces at the event complicates your travel because that is one more big, fragile box to deal with in the car or on the plane.  If you would prefer, we can pack your pieces and ship them on Friday at the beginning of the event.   The pieces are sent Priority Mail and should arrive on Tuesday or Wednesday (unless it gets diverted in the wrong direction entirelyÉ.but letÕs not go there). 


If you would prefer this option, there is a $20 fee for shipping and insurance for orders under $500 and $25 for all other orders.  The shipping costs are considerably cheaper than paying Michigan sales tax.  Pieces picked up at the event, including those that make up the Registration fee, are considered Michigan in-state sales and are subject to 6% state sales tax.



PayPal adds at least 3% to the total of every transaction as their fee for money transfer.  Please be sure to add this fee when calculating your total cost for event pieces and/or registration fees. 






1.     Add totals for pieces you wish to purchase.


2.     Determine Michigan Sales Tax IF you are picking up pieces at event by multiplying purchase total by 6% and adding that number to your total.


3.     Determine PayPal fees if using that method of payment by multiplying purchase total (BEFORE tax) by 3% and adding that number to your total.


4.    Add shipping/mailing cost, if you want us to ship your pieces to your home address.  Sales tax is not needed for items we ship.


CONFUSED?  Just email me with your list and IÕll be happy to help!  (nbr@charter.net)

















ORDERING INFORMATION:  You may order more than one of any piece EXCEPT for the Attendee Pieces (limit one each version, including one unembellished, for a total of FOUR Fancy Fish and FOUR Budding Artistes). Nonattendees may order the unembellished version of the two Attendee pieces.


Event Pieces

_______ Just One More—$400

_______ MomÕs Garden—$300

_______ Birds Watching—$250

_______ Fancy Fish—$92

                  _______ Red Fish (attendees only)

                  _______ Yellow Fish (attendees only)

                  _______ Green Fish (attendees only)

                  _______ Goldfish  (considered the unembellished version of this piece, available to anyone)

_______ Budding Artiste—$98

                  _______        Birds (attendees only)

                  _______        Fish (attendees only)

                  _______        Flowers (attendees only)

                  _______        Mouse Face/WFFCC Club Piece (considered unembellished version of this piece, available to anyone)

_______ AnnetteÕs Tiny Treasures—$175

_______ Blooming Friendship (Accessory)—$75

                                    TOTAL FOR ALL PIECES (plus 3% if using PayPal; ID=nbr@charter.net):                _______________

                                                      Plus 6% sales tax if picked up at event:                                                                    ________________


                                                      Plus $20 (under $500) or $25 ($500 plus) for shipping and insurance     ________________

                                                                                                            GRAND TOTAL:                                                               ________________

Registration Only Full Weekend:  $250                              Name of Guest: ______________________________

Registration Only Saturday:  $150                                        Name of Guest: ______________________________

Registration Only Sunday:  $100                                           Name of Guest: ______________________________

Meals Only:  $140                                                                         Name of Guest: ______________________________

Mail completed form and check (payable to Folktoberfest) or other payment information to:    

Lorraine Buerkel                                                                                     

                                                                                                                      3165 Ireta St 

                                                                                                                      Harrison MI  48625