2014 Folktoberfest NONattendee Order Form


You DO NOT NEED TO ATTEND FOLKTOBERFEST to purchase these event pieces!  Likewise, you do not need to be a member of the Wee Forest Folk Collectors Club to purchase Folktoberfest pieces (but your $20 membership fee would be greatly appreciated, especially if you routinely use our online resources such as the Master List of Pieces and the For Sale and Information Bulletin Boards).  If you wish to purchase attendee pieces or participate in the FTF auction, you will need to send a proxy to attend on your behalf.  All proxy relationships are strictly between the buyer and the person who will attend for the buyer.  We cannot take responsibility for communication problems between you and your proxy so please make sure all details are clear before that person attends for you, including how you will pay for charity pieces he/she will purchase on your behalf.  (We will not bill you for these; the check must be made out to the charity, not FTF.)


Event Pieces

Here are the Cut-and-Paste pieces.  Please note the original elements presented here:  new bases for all three pieces, tiny sculptures never before available in painted form, a modified fence and new binoculars created for Birds Watching, and maybe even some elements we’ve missed! 

Remember these photos are enlarged; the tiny details will be even more amazing in person. 

Note, too, that these are prototypes.  The final versions you receive will be even BETTER than the pictures show.

We can order as many pieces as we need but will order only as many as we have preordered by the factory cut-off date (TBA, some time in early September).  There will be no “leftovers” after the event so please place your order as soon as you can, even if we have to work out a layaway option for you that extends beyond the date of the event.

You may purchase as many of the three cut-and-paste pieces as you wish:  Just One More, Mom’s Garden, and Birds Watching.

Just One More—$400

Mom's Garden—$300

Birds Watching—$250

You may purchase the mouse in this aquarium dress holding the regular line goldfish (i.e., not one of the tropical fish, which are reserved for attendees). You may order one or more of both Blooming Friendship (the accessory piece) and Willy's unique piece, which we are calling Annette's Tiny Treasures


Fancy Fish—$92                  Blooming Friendship—$75        Annette's Tiny Treasures



Budding Artiste—Second Embellished Piece AND WFFCC Club Piece—$98


WFFCC Club Piece Drawing Mouse Face



Macintosh HD:Users:NBR:Desktop:IMG_9370.jpeg

The WFFCC Club piece is available to both attendees and nonattendees.




The pieces will be sent on Friday or Saturday of the Folktoberfest event weekend using Priority Mail and should arrive on Tuesday. 

There is a $20 fee for shipping and insurance for orders under $500 and $25 for all other orders. 




You may pay by check or PayPal.  If you use PayPal, please add 3% to your purchase price to cover the fees they charge.  If you wish to make installment payments, please note that on the final page or call Nancy to discuss payment options. 






Shipping Address:








ORDERING INFORMATION:  You may order more than one of any piece listed below.


Event Pieces

_______ Just One More x $400                                                                                  ________________

_______ Mom’s Garden x $300                                                                                  ________________

_______ Birds Watching x $250                                                                                ________________

_______ Fancy Fish (goldfish version) x $92                                                        ________________

_______ Budding Artiste, WFFCC Club piece drawing mouse face x $98     ________________

_______ Annette's Tiny Treasures x $175                                                              ________________

_______ Blooming Friendship (Accessory) x $75                                                ________________

                                    TOTAL FOR ALL PIECES:                                                    ________________

POSTAGE AND INSURANCE:  ______$20 (under $500) ______$25 ($500 and over)


CHECK TOTAL: $_______________ (payable to Folktoberfest)

PAYPAL TOTAL (add 3% to purchase price; ID = nbr@charter.net):  $_______________

Will you be paying in installments?  If so, please describe: 


Make PayPal payment at your convenience; mail completed form and check or payment information to:      

Lorraine Buerkel                                                    

3165 Ireta St

                                    Harrison MI  48625