October 21 (3PM Registration) –October 23 (12-1PM ending time)

Doherty Hotel, Clare MI

www.dohertyhotel.com /877-436-4378 ....tell them you're with the WFF Mouse Event or FOLKTOBERFEST


Purchase $600 worth of FTF 2011 Event Pieces and your registration fee will be waived. (You may combine purchases to total $1200 for two attendees.) If you plan to attend but will not be purchasing pieces, the Registration fee is $225.  If you'd like to attend Saturday only, the Registration fee is $125, which will be waived if you purchase at least $400 worth of FTF Event Pieces.


Only the eight Event Pieces listed below count toward these totals.


You NEED NOT purchase a specified number or dollar amount of pieces if you are not planning to attend.


Registration entitles you to participate in all FTF events, win prizes, and enjoy Michigan cuisine (reception Friday afternoon/evening, meals and snacks on Saturday, and brunch on Sunday).  If you would like to join us for meals but won't be participating in FTF events, a meals-only registration is available for $110.


Early Attending Registration (received on or before September 15) will entitle attending guests to 100 raffle tickets to be used in the raffle of your choice (face value $100).


Event Pieces:

Santa's Workshop—$550

Spring Lor-raine—$230

Melanie (Willy's unique event sculpture for FTF)—$200

Fall Farewell—$215

Spring April Showers—$95

Summer April Showers—$95

Fall April Showers—$95

Winter April Showers—$95

            AS Set of Four Seasons—$350


Charity Piece: 


Lavender Freaky Flight Pedal Plane—$270 ($75 will go to your choice of five nonprofit organizations:  The American Red Cross, Hope Pregnancy Center in Harrison MI, Humane Animal Treatment Society of Isabella County MI, Monterey Aquarium, or the Susan G Komen Foundation. You may write separate checks, one to FTF and the other to the nonprofit of your choice, if you would prefer.  Otherwise, $75 will be donated in your name; some organizations send out individual receipts; others do not.)


Other Pieces:  This year's Participation Piece is called Summer Daisy.  Attendees may earn credits toward purchase of this piece or may buy it at the event for $75.  The Helper's Piece is Frog Devil, which may be purchased at the event for $95 if you are not a Helper.  You need not attend to purchase these pieces.



Name (s):
















Will you be attending Folktoberfest?   _______ yes      _______ no


If yes.....


            How many FTF events will you have attended, including 2011?  _______


Would you like to be considered for a Helper position?  (Helpers must be available for a meeting at 10AM Friday morning at the Doherty Hotel) 


_______ yes   _______ no


Which airport will you use to get here?  Please indicate arrival and departure times, if you know them.  Carpooling might be a possibility.....


_______ Midland/BayCity/Saginaw (MBS)

_______ Flint

_______ Grand Rapids

_______ Detroit Metro

_______ none of the above


Is there anything we should know to make your experience at FTF more enjoyable (e.g., special dietary needs, room accessibility needs, allergies, etc.)


ORDER FORM:  You may order more than one of any piece or pieces or you may pay the Registration fee and attend without purchasing any WFFs at all.  Indicate the number of each piece you wish to purchase and fill in the subtotal and grand total. Make checks payable to Folktoberfest.


If you are NOT attending Folktoberfest, please add $15 for postage and insurance.


Event Pieces

_______ Santa's Workshop—$550

_______ Spring Lor-raine—$230

_______ Melanie (Willy's unique sculpture for FTF)—$200

_______ Fall Farewell—$215

_______ Spring April Showers—$95

_______ Summer April Showers—$95

_______ Fall April Showers—$95

_______ Winter April Showers—$95

_______ April Showers Set of Four Seasons—$350

                        EVENT PIECE TOTAL:  __________________

Charity Piece

_______ Halloween Freaky Flight Lavender—$270

Charity:  _________________________________________________

Other Pieces

_______ Summer Daisy—$75

_______ Frog Devil—$100

                        TOTAL FOR OTHER PIECES:  ________________


Registration Only Full Weekend:  $225                          Name of Guest: ______________________________

Registration Only Saturday:  $125                       Name of Guest: ______________________________

Meals Only:  $110                                                    Name of Guest: ______________________________



CHECK TOTAL: __________________ (payable to Folktoberfest)


Mail completed form and check to:        Lorraine Buerkel

                                                                        3165 Ireta St

                                                                        Harrison MI  48625