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    Posted by nbr on 9/13/2008, 11:41 pm, in reply to "What time does everything start on Friday ............"

    Here's the Schedule:


    Schedule of Events, Folktoberfest 2008




    9 AM Helper's Meeting in Mosel Room and Lounge--all Helpers!


    1 PM Set-Up for Registration in Mosel Room--all Registration Helpers!


    2 PM Registration in Mosel Room

    Register Auction pieces

    Register for Contests

    Register for Big Game Hunt Teams

    Register for Survivor 101 Teams (work on these Friday night)

    Buy Raffle Tickets

    Pick Up Packets (note MacGyver contest may be started at ANY

    time; answers are due Saturday by 5 PM)

    Pick Up Mouse Planes if prepaid (NO sales during Registration!)

    Socializing in Lounge (next door to Mosel Room)


    3 PM Registration Reception in Mosel Room--come back for hors d'oeuvres!


    5 PM Registration Ends


    6 PM Set Up Contests and Swap 'n' Sell in River Rooms


    8 PM Evening Activities in River Rooms

    Swap 'n' Sell

    Late Registration

    Purchase Bavarian Kids Attendee Piece

    Purchase Drifting Along (if you are not a helper)

    Contest Judging Begins


    10 PM Swap 'n' Sell Ends

    Contest Winners Posted (Points Earned)





    8 AM Set Up Survivor 101 Gizmos in River Rooms (if you have a complicated

    machine to set up that will take longer than the lunch hour)


    9 AM Coffee/Tea and Continental Breakfast in River Rooms


    9:30 AM Meeting Starts in River Rooms




    11:30 AM Lunch in Courtyard (by pool and Registration Desk)


    12 PM Set Up Time

    Finish Setting Up Survivor 101 Gizmos in River Rooms

    Set Up Other Contests

    Dress for Safari (if not already in costume)





    1 PM Meeting Resumes in River Rooms

    Gizmo Presentations

    Jungle Boogie Presentations

    Jungle Costume Admiration Time


    2 PM Live Auction Begins in River Rooms


    3 PM Silent Auction Begins


    3:30 PM Live Auction Ends


    3:45 PM Pick Up Hunt for Big Game Clue #1


    3:45 PM Silent Auction Ends


    4 PM Big Game Hunt in Frankenmuth Begins


    6 PM All Clues Should Be Collected from Outside Locations NO LATER than 6PM

    (Helpers may now leave their Frankenmuth posts and join their groups to solve Big Game Hunt puzzles)


    8 PM - 11 PM Event Continues in Zehender Suite 111

    Return Completed Puzzles for Point Awards (you may check

    your answers multiple times--limit of 3 guesses per puzzle--but all passports must be turned in for the final time before 11 PM)

    Deliver Animals You Have "Found" for Point Awards

    Passport Checks for Point Totals

    Snacks and Socializing


    11 PM All Passports Due in Suite 111 for Stamp Totals (no exceptions!)





    8 AM Coffee/Tea in River Rooms


    8:30 AM Various Activities in River Rooms

    Check Posted Lists for Devil Winners (Top 50)

    Purchase Devils (if you are not in the Top 50)

    Helpers--Pick Up Helpers Piece

    Prize Redemption for "Regular" WFF Prizes

    Final Chance to Buy/Add Raffle Tickets to Containers


    10 AM Meeting Begins in River Rooms

    MacGyver Readings

    Announcements and Drawings

    Door Prizes


    11 AM Brunch in Bach and Beethoven Rooms (upstairs; there is an elevator)


    11:45 AM Wrap Up and Closure in Bach and Beethoven Rooms

    Raffle Drawings