FOLKTOBERFEST 10/25-27/2002

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0Bobbin2FTF02 1BeaandSylvia 1BeaNancyTim 1BeckwithKrumrei
Three special helper pieces on the Bounty: Little Devil, Littlest Witch, Skeleton Mousey Bea Phelps and Sylvia Gerhardt Left to right: Sylvia Gerhardt, Beth Pennington, Claudia Coffey, Nancy Vanderah, Tim Thompson, (Geoff Lee's ear) Betty Beckwith and Rosemary Krumrei
1CindyMH 1CindyWard 1DebMomNan 1DorothyandGreg
Cindy Neal from Mt. Pleasant Mole Hole The Infa-mouse Cindy Ward The Buerkels: Deb, Mom, and Nancy-Rothfuss Dorothy Sawyer and Greg Beretta
1GeoffLee 1guests 1guests2 1HigginsandMom
A moment of levity with Geoff Lee and Linda Schallenberger (foreground), Tim Thompson and Becky Fong (background) (Dennis) 'Dirty' and Cindy Goffe guests2.jpg Sue Higgins and her Mom
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